Media Round Up of the Sustainable Development Report 2019

The Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) and Bertelsmann Stiftung published the Sustainable Development Report 2019 including the SDG Index and Dashboards. The report details progress by countries on their achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). While not an official monitoring tool, the Sustainable Development Report is complementary to efforts conducted by National Statistical Offices and international organizations to collect and standardize indicators to monitor the SDGs.

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Why the UN’s sustainability goals could fail (German)
FAIReconomics, The Magazine for Sustainable Economy & Society | 16 June

Study: Industrialized countries endanger UN sustainability goals (German)
Welt-Sichten | 19 June

ODS study: Spain, ranked 21st in sustainable development worldwide (Spanish)
EFE: Verde | 19 June

Peru ranks 49th in sustainable development worldwide (Spanish)
Gestion | 19 June

L’Italia al 29° posto nel mondo sullo Sviluppo Sostenibile (Italian)
UN Centro Regionale di Informazione delle Nazioni Unite | 19 June

World threatens to miss UN sustainability goals (German)
Sueddeutsche Zeitung | 19 June

Nigeria ranks 159 out of 162 Countries on 2019 SDGs Index
ND Link Linking Partners fro Niger Delta Development | 19 June

Launch of the Sustainable Development Report 2019 (formerly SDG Index) (Spanish)
REDS (Red Espanola Para El Desarrollo Sostenible) | 19 June

Bertelsmann Foundation (2019): Sustainable Development Report (German) | 20 June

How to track climate data and reports: my short list.
Change Maker. Land | 20 June

Are rich countries dodging their promises under the UN Sustainable Development Goals?
Business Green | 25 June

SDG Index a ‘wake-up call’ for Australia
Pro Bono Australia | 26 June

Agenda 2030 Dialogue: Spain, in the Sustainable Development Report 2019 (Spanish)
REDS (Red Espanola Para El Desarrollo Sostenible) | 27 June

Global SDG assessment shows the EU needs to step up its efforts
IEEP | 28 June

Lead, transform, succeed: Translating global needs and ambitions into business solutions on the path to 2030
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) | 28 June

Sustainable Development Report 2019
India Environment Portal Knowledge for Change | 28 June

ICYMI: Eco News Round Up 29.06.19
The Clean Collective | 29 June

Global SDGs Achievement Ranking, Japan ranked 15th No change from last year
Sustainable Brands Japan | 30 June

Sustainable Development Report 2019
SDG Business Hub | July

Sustainable Development Report 2019. Transformations to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (Polish)
Forum Odpowiedzialnego Biznesu | July

Monitoring Agenda 2030: National indicators for the implementation of the 2030 Agenda (German)
Bundeskanzlermat | July

SDSN and Bertelsmann Stiftung Publish Sustainable Development Report 2019
Ethical Markets | July

UN sustainability goals could fail (German)
KOPO Kommunalpolitische blatter (Local Political News) | 1 July

Rapporto Bertelsmann Sdsn: “nessun Stato sulla buona strada per tutti gli SDGs” (Italian)
ASVIS (Alleanza Italiana per lo Sviluppo Sostenibile) | 1 July

Big Tu’ delighted! Thai sustainable development rankings jumped 19, ranking 1st in ASEAN (Thai)
The Bangkok Insight | 1 July

The Prime Minister is satisfied with the UN SDGs ranking (Thai)
INNews: Independent News Network | 1 July

Big Tu Pluem Thai promoted 19 national development, economic, employment, well-being (Thai)
Khaosod Politics | 1 July

PM praises better goal index score
Bangkok Post | 2 July

Thailand Ranks First in ASEAN in the SDG Index 2019
The Government Public Relations Office | 2 July

Thailand tops UN SDGs rank in ASEAN
Thai Visa News | 2 July

Thailand tops UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) rank in ASEAN
Thailand Business News | 2 July

SDSN report on the SDGs ranks France 4th in the world (French)
Comite21 | 2 July

Sustainable Development Report 2019 (Spanish)
AGORA Collective Intelligence for Sustainability | 2 July

Venezuela is the fifth most lagging country in Latin America and the Caribbean in compliance with the SDGs (Spanish)
Medio.sur | 2 July

BS/SDG Index: Can progress on sustainable development be reduced to a single number?
Global Policy Watch | 3 July

Open the Sustainable Development Report “SDG Index” to identify Thailand to successfully eliminate poverty. Progress in the next 6 goals (Thai)
CP E-News | 3 July

Fourth Edition of SDG Index and Dashboards Highlights Performance Gaps on SDGs 12, 13, 14, 15
IISD | 4 July

WILPF & The Sustainable Development Agenda
Peace Women, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom | 8 July

Suspense in the fight against the climate crisis or hunger: no country meets the UN’s objectives against poverty (Spanish) | 8 July

Goals of Sustainable Development: Where is France? (French)
Novethic | 10 July