Green Elephant (Podcast): UN Sustainable Development Report with Guillaume Lafortune

Green Elephant Show

Green Elephant is a podcast that covers issues related to sustainability, climate change, social, and environmental issues. The podcast’s hosts Mike and Russell interview Guillaume Lafortune about the recently published Sustainable Development Report 2020.

Check out the show here or listen below:


01:15 – UN Sustainable Development Report overview
03:20 – An introduction to Guillaume Lafortune
04:45 – Sustainable Development Goals overview
08:20 – How the SGDs apply to organisations and businesses
10:35 – The impact of Covid-19 through the lens of SDGs
17:00 – How countries have performed against SDGs and Covid response
21:15 – Covid best practice efforts
23:20 – Integrity of Sustainable Development & Covid data
25:19 – “SDGs Today” online realtime service
27:30 – UN Sustainable Development Report trends
31:50 – Diet, wellness and economic challenges
35:20 – Country action needed to meet 2030 deadline
39:40 – What individuals and organisations can do to support 2030 deadline